Dr. Bobby Ramasia

Dimela Health Chief Operating Officer
  • Previous Principal Executive Officer of Bonitas Medical Fund
  • Served on the boards of the Board of Healthcare Funders and Health Quality Assessment
  • Previous Executive Director of Netcare subsidiary, Netpartner responsible for driving the acquisition of Medscheme


Dr. Bobby Ramasia is formerly the Principal Executive Officer of the Bonitas Medical Fund until 2016.

A medical doctor by profession, Bobby has a wealth of clinical and management expertise derived from a 25-year career in the healthcare industry. Having completed his internship at Natalspruit Hospital in Ekurhuleni, he practiced as a family doctor and part-time principal medical doctor at the hospital for 15 years.He has been a Team Doctor for South Africa Football Association and Orlando Pirates Football Club for the past 25 years.

Former Executive Director of Netpartner Investments


In 2004 he was appointed an executive director of Netpartner Investments where he played a key role in the company’s acquisition of Medscheme. Culminating in being promoted to Executive Director: Strategic Relations.

Bobby has also served as non-executive director in a number of companies and has sat on the board of the investment wing of the South African Medical and Dental Association since 2003. He also serves on the boards of the Board of Healthcare Funders and Health Quality Assessment.

He holds an MBChB (KwaZulu Natal), MSc Sports Medicine (Nottingham, UK), Graduate Certificate in Sports Law (UJ) and Graduate Certificate in Financial Management (UJ). Harvard Business School Certificate. He is the founder, major shareholder and non-executive director of Tugela Mining Mineral Pty Ltd that implements metallurgical built, owned, operated and maintained plants and is currently working as a consultant in Health Care, the Energy Sector and Mining.