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Dimela Health is a proudly South African, wholly black-owned healthcare company. Our vision is to transform the national healthcare landscape by empowering local expertise and creating innovative partnerships between the public sector and private enterprise in order to make healthcare more equitable, accessible and affordable for all.

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DIMELA HEALTH is using innovative practices to redefine the way in which healthcare is organised in order to create a robust healthcare sector and improve patient outcomes.


Wholly black-owned | Level 1 B-BBEE rating | Highly qualified and experienced leadership team | Registered on government’s Central Supplier Database (CSD) and complies with all the regulatory requirements.


Healthcare Consulting |Transactional Advisory in Insourcing Services Strategy | Medical, Commercial and Marketing Support | Market Access | Customised Continuing Medical Education | Medical Equipment Technical Services

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Supplier of Essential Medicines and out-of-licence medication to both the public and private sectors | Distributor of medical supplies, medical devices including forensic diagnostic kits .


Facilitating universal access to quality healthcare | Providing support for non-communicable diseases | Facilitating access to affordable medical cover | Providing and repairing medical devices and equipment | Supplying out-of-licence medication| Empowering local manufacturing | Delivering continuing medical education for healthcare professionals | Aspiring to developing ideal smart clinics


“We need a robust, efficient and caring healthcare system in a country in which more than seven million people are living with HIV; in which we are seeing rising rates of diabetes, hypertension and cancer; and in which maternal and neonatal death rates have to be reduced. Too many people do not receive quality preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative healthcare services.”

“The principle challenge in South Africa is unequal access to quality healthcare, especially in rural and underserved areas. This is where DIMELA HEALTH strives to make a real and meaningful difference. Our mission is to significantly improve access to quality healthcare for all South Africans by 2030.”

“We are pioneering a new approach to healthcare delivery that harnesses local expertise, the reach of the public healthcare sector and the capacity of private enterprise. Our aim is to develop and deliver a hybrid model of healthcare that supports government’s healthcare objectives while simultaneously partnering with the private sector to deliver better outcomes for every South African.”